X-FORT Introduction

What is X-FORT?


According to The Identity Theft Resource Center, enterprise information leakage has become a serious problem in recent years. X-FORT provides a comprehensive endpoint security solution includes DLP, DRM, and ITAM. It prevents confidential information from breaching or losing, and provides the management tools of applications, computer assets, and remote control.


Main Functions:

  1. Prevent Data Leak via Computer Peripherals: Control storage devices such as USB flash drive, mobile drive, and memory cards; external devices such as CD burner, printer, IrDA transceiver, Bluetooth, etc. Protect contents of local hard drive through CD/USB drive boot-up or hard drive cascade. Also provide various controls such as prohibition, read-only, on-the-fly encryption, and write to device with supervisor approval.
  2. Prevent Data Leak via Network: Strictly monitor cloud service, e-mail, net share, IM software, P2P software, FTP, and Web posts. Also completely monitor Internet 3G/4G card, wireless card, and dial-up Internet service.
  3. Comprehensive Management tools: Includes PC management functions such as IT asset management, software control, remote deployment & help desk, integrated Windows Update / Hotfix, and provide comprehensive analysis reports.
  4. Digital Rights Management: SVS (Secure Virtual Storage) and SVT (Secure Virtual Tunnel) provide file encryption and file access rights to protect important data such as intellectual property and source code.
  5. Self-Protection Mechanism: Prevent destruction and removal by malicious users or process.
  6. Various Optional Modules: Required on demand, easy to expand and upgrade your security system.



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