Enterprise Electronic Data Surveillance System

Provides a comprehensive endpoint security solution includes DLP, DRM, and ITAM. It prevents confidential information from breaching or losing, and provides the management tools of applications, computer assets, and remote control.

What is X-FORT?

Keeping corporate information safe and compliant has never been easy. Organizations are taking steps to make the information safer by increasing security budgets, educating employees on company-wide best practices, and looking for data leak prevention solutions. Each year, data breaches are responsible for costing companies millions of dollars and continues to happen.

X-FORT is a client-server solution that provides a comprehensive endpoint security solution includes Data Leak Prevention, Data Protection, IT Asset Management, and Endpoint Detection & Response. It protects confidential information against insider threat and malicious behavior; besides, it can detect and respond to abnormal events.


Functions include Control, Manage, Monitor, React, and Audit. 

  • Control removable devices and any connected peripheral devices.
  • Monitor network activities, such as web application, instant message, SMB shares, email, and FTP.
  • Manage hardware assets, software license, and application whitelist.
  • Provide file encryption to strengthen the protection.
  • Get comprehensive endpoint activity log for analysis and forensic.
  • Monitor and detect irregularities, and response proactively to reduce risk.
  • Real-time and interactive dashboard help audit and investigate potential threats.



  • One agent protects everywhere.
  • Role-based access control and management.
  • Efficient and easy to deploy and use.
  • Function module required on demand.