Enterprise Electronic Data Surveillance System

Ultimate Security for Business Longevity

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On-demand Encryption
Force Encryption
Access Right
Document Encryption Center(DEC)

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Storage Device Control
MTP Device Control
File Operation Log
Folder Sharing Control
Web Browsing
Instant Messenger

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Software Assets
Hardware Assets
SW License Management
File Deployment
Remote Management
Software Security

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100% Design in Taiwan
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ISO 27001 Granted
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130+ Patents Granted

Company Profile

Established in 1989, FineArt Technology Co., Ltd. began as a team of NCTU graduates that shared the same vision in professional software R&D.
The company has collaborated with international companies and is widely acclaimed for its compact, speedy, and accurate program features from the first local Desk Top Publishing (DTP) to Handwriting Recognition (HR). FineArt Technology’s product line has received positive feedback from its customers over the past 30 years.

In addition to substantial OEM/ODM market development, FineArt Technology also engages in information protection, computer asset management, and USB application software to provide professional Data Leak Protection (DLP) for enterprise and personal users and meet customers’ software product requirements. The company persists in stringent quality control and enthusiasm in providing customers with the most comprehensive and reliable products and services.

FineArt Technology holds great pride in its technology and R&D experiences. Other than numerous national awards and more than 130 patents locally and overseas, it has also excelled in domestic and overseas product sales. FineArt software is found in one of seven USB flash drives worldwide! It also successfully gained entry in the Japanese market with high-quality information security products used by many world-renowned customers. Its handwriting recognition software is also adopted by CASIO, the leading electronic dictionary manufacturer in Japan with over 3 million authorized sales annually. Not only has FineArt established reputable credibility amongst its clients, it has also proved its mature and reliable professionalism in software.

As its name implies, FineArt insists on developing the most innovative and functional products in pursuit of art and beauty. With years of R&D experience, FineArt aims to achieve innovative breakthroughs and expand overseas markets so that Taiwan can become one of the world leaders in software technology.